Caring Lawyers – Not an Oxymoron

There’s a stigma out there about lawyers and lawsuits. Attorneys get a bad reputation because many people think they’re trying to suck money out of their clients and anyone else who can pay. But pairing the terms “caring, compassionate, honest, and just” with “lawyer” is NOT an oxymoron!

The majority of people who face serious legal issues feel helpless throughout the process. They’re dealing with physical, mental, and emotional stress, and more often than not, they’re facing financial stress, too.

The expenses begin to pile up, and they’re not sure where to turn. If these victims don’t seek legal representation and get their legal situation under control, they face serious, lifelong consequences. The truth is that attorneys aren’t scammers. They’re here to help people in situations exactly like the one described above.


The Problem

Insurance companies want people to believe that personal injury lawyers are a scam, because if injury victims hesitate to hire attorneys, they’ll settle for what insurers are offering them, which is much less than they deserve.

Similarly, those facing criminal charges may be led to believe that they don’t need a defense attorney or that a public defender can do just as good a job at no cost.

Almost every field of law faces a similar stigma.

When you hire a personal injury lawyer, there’s a good chance your overall injury claim value will be much higher than what the insurance company is willing to settle for. And criminal defense lawyers actually do care about helping their clients—and they devote an incredible amount of time to each case.


Don’t let the stigma convince you that caring lawyers don’t exist. Most lawyers will make your wellbeing a top priority.

The Truth

Most areas of law are not get-rich-quick schemes—they’re about helping individuals in need. If you were in an accident and suffered from significant injuries, it’d be devastating if you had to bear the financial burden of those damages alone when you weren’t responsible for your injuries. Not only would your life be changed physically, but you’d begin to sink under the financial pressure. It wouldn’t be fair.

Similarly, if you faced harsh punishments for a crime simply because you didn’t hire a lawyer, would that really be justice? Criminal defense attorneys are there to help clients. They really do care.

Through this website, we’ll present stories from people who’ve worked with lawyers that genuinely help others, and we’ll work to break down the stigma all kinds of attorneys face.