Making the Most of a Bad Situation

Last month, I was driving through Birmingham on my way home to Tennessee from an awesome weekend with friends at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. We had spent the weekend in the French Quarter; watching parades, drinking hurricanes, listening to Jazz music, and dancing our tails off. It had been such a great time! 

I was passing through Birmingham around dinner time, and I was eager to get home to my bed. I knew not to speed in big cities, so I stayed alert on the road the entire time and paid attention to the speed limit. I was completely caught off guard when a driver came soaring past me in the fast lane. Soon after, before I had even a moment to think, the same car was slamming on the breaks, flipping into my lane, and forced my car into a head-on collision. 

Needless to say, I didn’t make it home Tennessee that night. I woke up in a hospital bed with my parents by my side. I remember waking up and overhearing my mom talking to my dad. She said, “No. We’re staying here for the week. I’ve already gotten in contact with the best Alabama car accident attorney in town. We’ll sort this out as soon as possible.” If I could’ve rolled my eyes, I would’ve. 

The Aftermath

As I came more clearly into consciousness, I found out that the driver who caused my wreck had been drunk with a BAC level of .15, which is outrageous! He had survived the wreck with much more minor injuries than mine. I had broken ribs, internal bleeding, a broken collarbone, brain swelling, and my leg was broken in three places. The healing process wasn’t going to be fun, but I was lucky to have survived. 

I shouldn’t have rolled my eyes at my mom, because I’m actually lucky that she was smart enough to hire a lawyer so soon. Thanks to her thinking ahead, we’ve already begun the legal process while I’m still in the hospital! My family is completely drowning in medical expenses and our lawyer will hopefully be able to get us a settlement that can save us from this massive debt. 

I still have such a long road to recovery and I’m trying not to let any resentment towards the drunk driver get in the way of my healing. Of course, it’s hard, because if it weren’t for his actions, I’d be home and living my life right now, but there’s not much I can do about it now. All I can do is be thankful for my family, thankful that I’m able to fight for a settlement, and thankful that I came out of this accident alive.