The Fall That Changed My Life

I’m a fifty-five-year-old woman living in Tampa Bay. I just retired here last year from Boston, and I was excited to begin my new life in the Sunshine State. I’ve been single all my life, but I enjoy being active, making new friends, and spending time near the water. Tampa seemed like the perfect place for me to begin retirement and enjoy some of my favorite activities.

I never expected, within my first two months of living in Tampa, I would get injured. I was in the grocery store picking up some vegetables to use in a new dinner recipe, and as I went down aisle six, I suddenly slipped and fell. I landed hard on my right hip and couldn’t move. Thankfully, someone else was in the aisle and witnessed my fall. They called for help immediately and I was rushed to the hospital. I had been in great shape before my fall, but after the accident I needed a full hip replacement!

Using Evidence to Win My Case

Spilled apple sauce caused my fall. I was so frustrated by what happened to me and I wanted to know if I could blame anyone for the spill. I hired a Tampa personal injury lawyer and they guided me on how to determine who was at fault for my accident. Using video footage from the store, it turns out that the apple sauce had spilled over an hour before my fall. There was plenty of time for the store employees to notice the spill and clean it up, but they never did.

Under premise liability laws, I was able to sue the store owner for negligence and obtain a settlement for the damages I suffered. My settlement gave me the money I needed to pay my medical bills and get through recovery. If it wasn’t for my attorney supporting me after my fall, I would’ve been so distressed from both the financial burden of my injuries and the healing process itself.

Healing with a Little Help

As a newly retired woman, I only had my retirement money to live on and I was supposed to be starting a new life in Tampa Bay. For this accident to happen unexpectedly in my first few months of living in Florida, it really took a toll on my life. Many people say lawyers can be money sharks, but I’m thankful I had a strong legal team by my side.