There’s an Attorney for Everything

Living in New York City and driving a car can be one of the most stressful things to deal with. There are so many factors to consider such as parking, obeying the rules of the road, and the millions of other drivers also trying to share the road. It can be extremely overwhelming. On top of that, there are cops everywhere trying to get you in trouble for the simplest things. They pass out parking tickets like candy! As if I needed any more bills to pay in this insanely expensive city.

Half the time, the traffic violations that cops give out aren’t justified, but in this massive city, it can feel impossible to do anything about these fines. Once I got my third unwarranted traffic violation, I was fed up. I truly couldn’t afford to pay these tickets that were coming at me from seemingly invisible people. 

What I quickly found out is that there’s an attorney for everything. I hired a traffic ticket attorney in Brooklyn and began solving my problems immediately. 

How My Lawyer Freed Me of (Most) of My Fines

I went to traffic court with my lawyer by my side and I felt so much more prepared because, together, we came up with a defense strategy. I know that without the authoritative voice of my lawyer, the judge probably wouldn’t have listened to anything I had to say. Police officers have a lot of authority in traffic court because they’re there all the time and the judge trusts them to give out tickets for justified reasons.

We contested the personal opinion of the officer on one of my tickets, presented contradictory evidence on another ticket, and showed that my actions were necessary to maintain safety on the road in another instance. In the end, the judge agreed with me in two out of the three circumstances. I was happy with these results. 

A Voice for the People

Before I was in need of a traffic ticket lawyer, I never would’ve known that such a service existed. It’s clear that these attorneys are doing a service to the people. There are so many cops out there handing out tickets left and right. 

While I’m sure many of the tickets are justified, there are also many that aren’t. If it weren’t for traffic lawyers, who would be there to give citizens a voice when they can’t afford these hefty fines? I’m thankful there are attorneys out there for situations like this. It definitely changed my opinion about lawyers as a whole.