What To Do After A Marijuana Arrest

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According to Drug Abuse.gov (https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/marijuana), marijuana is the most used illegal drug in the U..S. According to the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU- https://www.aclu.org/gallery/marijuana-arrests-numbers), over half of all drug arrests in the United States were marijuana arrests. Between 2001 and 2010, 88 percent of the marijuana arrests were just for possessing the drug. Today, there are certain states who legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and others are trying to pass the legislation. There are also many states who legalized marijuana use for medical purposes. To legally use marijuana for medical reasons, you need to have a card from your doctor. If you don’t live in a state where marijuana is legal, and if you don’t have a medical marijuana card, you can be arrested if caught in possession of the drug. If that happens, there are a couple of things you should do. You should know what to do after a marijuana arrest, and how to get a defense lawyer for marijuana possession.

During The Arrest

If you are pulled over with marijuana in your vehicle, never consent to a search. In some cases, the officer will find probable cause to search your vehicle. If this happens and they find the marijuana, they can place you under arrest. The worst thing that you can do is resist. If you resist arrest, it will just be another charge against you. You should let the officer cuff you and read you your rights. Don’t argue with the officer, and speak in a non-confrontational, calm even tone. Also, don’t talk too much. You are not required to answer any of the officer’s questions without an attorney present. If you choose not to answer any of the officer’s questions, you should decline politely. You don’t want the officer to think that you are combative.

Contact An Attorney

In each state, the marijuana laws are different. The amount of trouble that you would be in would depend on the amount of marijuana that you were carrying and where you were arrested. For example, if you were carrying a large amount of marijuana, it can result in a felony charge. If it was just a small amount for personal use, it could just be a misdemeanor. If you were arrested in a school zone, you could be in more trouble than if you were caught away from a school. You won’t know how much trouble you are in until you speak to a criminal lawyer who understands the marijuana laws and penalties in your state. An attorney can let you know exactly how much trouble you are in. They can also work to make sure that you receive the lightest sentence possible.

If you were arrested for possessing marijuana, it isn’t the end of the world. If you don’t have a criminal record, there is a chance that you can get off with just probation. To ensure the best possible outcome, you should watch your behavior during the arrest and be sure to contact an attorney.