Woman Killed by Drunk Driver in Charlotte

In March of 2015, the roads of Charlotte, North Carolina, were more congested than normal. Many drivers were passing through the area from eastern states, making their way to the beach for spring break. Charlotte is a large city, and it has always had traffic issues, so this added congestion made roadways even more dangerous than normal.

One woman was trying to get home at around five in the evening, and she was unexpectedly struck head-on by another driver who ran a red light. Unfortunately, the woman didn’t survive the collision. It was later determined that the driver who ran the red light had been driving under the influence with a blood alcohol content of .15 percent.

The family of the deceased woman was devastated. They lived without much money, and their mom was the woman killed in the wreck. She was also the breadwinner of the family and supplied 80 percent of their household income. Obtaining compensation for the crash would be the only way this family would survive.

How the Insurance Company Handled the Claim

The family couldn’t afford a lawsuit, so they reached out to their deceased mother’s insurance company first. The hope was that filing an insurance claim would be easy and they could receive a settlement that would account for the death, the funeral expenses, and the loss of income.

While they were offered a settlement fairly quickly, the dollar amount was nothing near what they expected. This settlement would only cover their needs for a couple of months. The family needed more than that to get back on their feet while grieving this traumatic loss.

A Lawyer Helped the Grieving Family

The family of the deceased woman resorted to hiring a Charlotte car accident attorney when they realized this might be the only way for them to receive the compensation they deserved. Once the lawsuit began, they were impressed with how their lawyer fought for them and paid close attention to their specific needs.

He negotiated on their behalf and dealt with the defendant’s stubborn insurance company. In the end, the family was able to recover a settlement that not only covered the funeral expenses and the loss of income from their mother, but also accounted for the immense pain and suffering and emotional distress their family had experienced due to the negligence of the drunk driver.

Without the help of this lawyer, the family’s grief would have extended for years to come due to their dire financial situation. As you can see, attorneys have a purpose and an honorable place in society.