Wrecked by a Big Rig

18-wheelers on the highway have always terrified me. They’re big, they have large blind spots, and there are way too many of them. I had a fear of trucks long before I ever got into an accident with one, but once I got into my wreck, my fears got much worse. Now, I have trouble driving on the highway all together because I’m scared of what I’ll encounter. 

My fears may be slightly irrational, but my 18-wheeler collision was rightfully terrifying. I was going down a hill when the big rig behind me lost control of his brakes. The truck was gaining speed as it came up behind me and swept the entire side of my car. 

My car did multiple 360 turns before flipping into the median. I had numerous broken bones, a minor brain injury, and internal bleeding. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced. I felt bad for the truck driver as well because he also experienced severe injuries from the wreck. Thankfully, we both survived. 

The Aftermath

After spending months in the hospital in Arizona, my Phoenix truck accident lawyer helped me through the legal process. 

At first, I was so angry at the truck driver and I wanted to blame him for everything, but once an investigation was done, it was determined that the driver’s truck had faulty brakes. We sued the manufacturer for liability in the accident, because if the driver’s brakes would’ve worked, the accident could’ve been avoided.  

I know there are plenty of truck accident cases where the truck driver is at fault, but I’m glad I got an attorney to investigate my case and hold the proper parties responsible. The truck driver in this situation was just as much of a victim as I was, and I never would’ve known that if it weren’t for my attorney. I needed a lawyer who was determined to seek justice, not just someone who was ready to obtain a settlement at any cost. 

Investigate Before Judging

I’m still terrified of trucks and, because of my accident, I hardly ever drive on the highway anymore; however, at least now I know not to blame the truck driver in every situation. 

Trucks do cause a lot of accidents on the road because they’re bigger than most vehicles and have a high risk of error, but numerous factors can be involved in truck accidents. From now on, I’ll be sure to consider everything before putting blame on one person.